International Research Institute for Autonomic Network Computing
(IRIANC) - Association, Boston, MA, USA / Munich. Germany

Purpose of the IRIANC Association is to support science, research, innovation, knowledge and technology transfer in the area of Autonomic Network Computing (ANC).

This comprises all technologies and systems from the area of "Autonomic Network Computing", including their scientific foundations and applications.

The International Research Institute for Autonomic Network Computing (IRIANC) aims to contribute to the building of the foundation for autonomic systems. It is inspired by the autonomic nervous system of the human body.

To make this initiative possible, the following four areas for Autonomic Network Computing are defined: self-configuration: automatic configuration of components; self-healing: automatic discovery and correction of faults; self-optimization: automatic monitoring and control of resources to ensure the optimal functioning with respect to the defined requirements; self-protection: proactive identification and protection from arbitrary attacks.

At the institute scientists, researches, and graduate students from (Germany, Italy, France, Austria, USA, Portugal, Spain) are working together to build ANC for important areas of information technologies: Future Internet, e-commerce, multimedia, Computational Grid and Cloud Computing.

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